Painting has been an important part of my life for more
    than 39 years.  I live on a ranch in Truly, Montana, with
    my husband Hugh.  The ranch has been an inspiration
    for many of my paintings.

    I enjoy painting, creating, and developing the picture.  I
    like the excitement of seeing my vision come to life and
    want the viewer to see in my surroundings.

    Most of my paintings especially the watercolors, depict
    flowers.  I like to paint soft colors because I think these
    colors are soothing to the eye.  I use stronger hues in
    my oil paintings. When I work outside I try to capture the
    saturation and tonal values so the viewer can appreciate
    the brilliancy of natural light .

    The visual impressions that result from the light the
    subjects emit, transmit, or reflect enhance in my
    paintings.  You’re my guest in this imagery and I hope
    you enjoy my process.  
Alana Hastings  799 Millegan Road, Great Falls, MT 59405
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