I have lived in Montana for over 40 years and during that time I have
produced art to inspire the public.
The one message I want to convey is nature, of any sort, a flower or
landscape, is essentially abstract.   When I am Plein Air painting, the
surroundings fill me with energy that comes forth out of the brush onto the

My drive to reflect what I have seen has kept me painting.  The one theme
I have throughout my paintings is that nature is delighting the senses and
I am trying to give the emotional admiration of what I paint to the people I
will show to.   When I see a mountain, I want you to feel that mountain as
something more grand than anything words might say about a painting.

You can see my artwork at Great Falls, Montana galleries such as Gallery
16, and  A. Hooker Art Gallery. I am also with the 706 Art Guild and show
my artwork at their shows. Studio 706 Art Guild Shows
March 14-17 at the History Museum, At Great Falls Library May 4-June 29,
2008.  First Friday in August at 706 7th St.
So. Great Falls, Montana.
Alana's Art
Alana Hastings  799 Millegan Road, Great Falls, MT 59405
copyright 2006 www.alanahastings.com  
More Paintings go to:
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